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Our story

We are on a mission to change how we connect with creators.

Personal connections with others are one of the things that enrich our lives the most. We strive for meaningful connections by creating families, making new friends, and meeting new people. Often, these interactions make us smile and help us grow.


Beyond social media

Social media is magical for many reasons, one of them being that it enables us to easily connect with new people - many of them being creators whose personalities, content, and other work we find inspiring, entertaining, or helpful.

However, what you see on social media today is decided by complicated algorithms, meaning that someone else decides what and who you see. Social media is also getting clogged by brands, sponsored posts and trolls. This is problematic for both creators and their audiences.


A new way to connect with creators

We are creating a new better way for creators and audiences to connect. We are putting both creators and their supporters into the driver’s seat of building their relationship.

You get more value from your interactions with the creators and can support their work. Creators receive support and can focus on creating value for you, instead of having to chase brand deals to support their creative and intellectual work.


For all types of creators

We want to enable as many meaningful connections as possible and are welcoming (almost) all kinds of creators to Privyet.

If your passion is creating value for others through meaningful, inspiring, or thoughtful content - Privyet is the platform for you. Some creators inspire, some entertain, and others educate and advise their supporters. Some have already huge audiences whereas others are beginning their creator careers.

Maybe you are a celebrated entertainer, a world-class athlete, a community leader or maybe you are an expert passionate about helping others through your knowledge.

Musicians, athletes, comedians, authors, video creators, business leaders, psychologists, tv personalities, nutritionists, actors, bloggers, astrologers, podcasters, TikTokers and others - we welcome you!


Our values

Privyet is a platform that values all people equally, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, orientation, or disability. Thus, we take a strong stand against any discrimination, bullying, or any other derogatory behavior on our platform.


Contact us

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Corporate information

Privyet is a platform, acting as a marketplace for user-generated contact, run in Russia and other CIS markets by Privyet LLC (ООО “Привйет”), a company registered in Moscow, Russian Federation.

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KPP: 773401001


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